Twitter Flood

My little experiment last night to tag all of my messages caused my twitter feed to be flooded. Apparently wordpress decided to post all of my updates to twitter. I had thought that it would only post newly created items. The next time that I do a mass update on wordpress, I’ll need to remember to temporarily turn off the social networking features.

The last thing that I want is to have my twitter account to be suspended. After about 108 posts, the twitter site stopped accepting new status updates through both the API and when I had logged in manually. It makes sense, as they are protecting themselves from spam. My facebook account was fine. In fact, it didn’t receive any of the status updates that appeared on twitter. Yahoo! account was fine as well.

I was a bit taken aback when I noticed last night that updating blog posts were actually taking quite some time compared to fetching data through the API. I now know why. It was attempting to cross post to twitter. In addition, it was also probably trying to do ping-backs on any embedded links.

I’m starting to notice a few people selling twitter hud’s in world, and I’m debating on bringing mine back. I was selling it for a very cheap price compared to the ones that I have seen so far, and offered a few extra features. The most interesting feature was to automatically report where I was in-world after standing there for five minutes along with a slurl. I love automation.

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