Wrong Region Names in Snapshots

Often times, I have taken a snapshot, and teleported to another region. I’ve never given a second thought to this, as I thought that all of the information regarding the location was embedded within the snapshot of the time that I originally took it. Tonight, I discovered that that is not the case.

If you take a snapshot, and then teleport to another region, the current region name is the one that is embedded within the snapshot. The coordinates are still from the last region. This makes for broken SLurls that lead to locations that are in the wrong region.

From my observations, each individual region is capable of sending snapshots via email, rather than a centralized location. It is presumeably this process on each region that is responsible for embedding the sim name into the snapshots, rather than information submitted by the client (such as coordinates). I filed a new bug report on this issue, and hope that it is not something that is too difficult to fix. [SVC-5307] Wrong region in snapshot email (teleport before send).

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