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Looking around SLevolution, I found a display that allowes you to preview music. Six albums were on display by The Fierce Tibetan Gods. The information provided a biography on the band with a little back history and bio’s for each of the band members. Apparently, one of the members played a solo concert on the network (formally known as SLCN TV). Even Pooky Media has a machinima of The Fierce Tibetan Gods in Second Life.

I got to listen to a few previews. It’s some pretty interesting music. I am sure a lot of people would love this stuff.

One of the things that jumped out at me in the bio is that the band member, Andrew Woolf, was with Sleep Chamber. I have three of their albums (Sacred and Surreal, Secrets ov 23, and Sentinel Serenade) and a tape (Sharp Spikes & Spurs) from my college days in the mid 90’s when I was learning about new music through varous friends. I can’t see the relation of music between Sleep Chamber, and The Fierce Tibetan Gods. Sleep Chamber appeared to be a much darker band and pretty much just had the lead singer … speaking.

These days, my musical taste has changed dramatically. I avoid most industrial music. However, The Fierce Tibetan Gods are not industrial at all. They seem to be experimental and much more in tune with the music that I like. I went ahead an purchased “Something in the air, Ouija Board Remix”. It came with a media player and album to load into it. I was able to open the album and get a link with a code so that I could download the music to my computer. A nice feature so that I can listen to them in my iPod while at work.

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