Facial Tweaks

I’m still not comfortable with my face. I decided to focus on it tonight to see if I can bring it closer inline with my own real-life face. As I make many small changes, I copy the image into photoshop and layer it over a photo of my real face. It’s an interesting way to learn about the anatomy of your own face.

My chin is a bit deeper than I expected. I’ve also foudn that in order to lift the eyes, I’ve had to make the chin much deeper and lower the mouth. But that tends to have problems with the length of the nose. Sometimes I wish that we had more options, such as to raise and lower the eyes and ears. There is much to be desired for many controls on the face when you are trying to make it look exactly like a real face.

My face is closer now to my real-life face, but I still feel that there are things that are off. It’s not a mirror image of me. Eventually I’ll have to pay attention to the profile as well. That is another tedius task just waiting for me to tackle.

One major tweak that I did was to darken my eyes, so that they did not appear to glow. They were so white, that they seemed to jump out at you in some photographs that I took of myself. I also made the pupils much smaller as well.

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2 Responses to Facial Tweaks

  1. You’re tapping into the old debate of photorealism vs. painted/drawn items. A lot of people – including myself – think that photorealism actually breaks the immersion. Especially affected is purely photosourced clothing and – skins. The art of a skin creator is to add enough realism to make their skins desirable, while still keeping the illusion of a (sophisticated) cartoon world. I can understand the appeal of using your very personal skin. But the result as seen on the photos you posted is a bit freaky. Maybe it would help to heavily edit the PSD files for a more smooth appearance?

    • Yea, the out-of-place part is a bit hard to work with. I think part of photo-sourced problems is the shadows and light that are apparently baked onto the face as well. It tends to create an unnatural light. There are a few other things that down show well (such as details just under the skin). Faces in SL are a bit blurry. The original skin that I had was full of great detail, but faces only use 512×512 textures, and even at that, it has a hard time rendering that texture. It keeps re-rendering it over and over again, and never gets to the full effect.

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