Cromutate: Interactive Random Art

Opensource Obscure referred me to this project a while back. I got a chance to look at it, and I must say that it is interesting, confusing, wierd, brilliant, and amazing all at once.

So what is it exactly? Apparently, it’s a build that is randomly generated, changes over time, and changes with your own interactions. It seems to have a mind of it’s own at times. As you walk towards some objects, they change in size. Others light up, and yet others cause other objects to appear as you step on them. As I stood still, I saw some things happen over time without interaction.

Opensource also has a web form for Cromutate that allows you to influence the system.

One of the things that makes this possible is the recent HTTP-in methods that allow scripters to turn objects into miniature web servers. Anyone, regardless if they have an account for the platform or not, is able to have an influence on the artwork.

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