Reading email attachments

I keep thinking that I am almost finished with reading email, but something new keeps comming up that directs my attention. I need this to be very stable, as I will be posting messages to my blog almost every day through it.

Today I have a simple template ready to go. It is much like the one that bloghud uses, except that I include a slurl to the location. I haven’t watermarked the image either. I have mixed feelings about that. I would also like the image to link back to a full sized image. I have a few more things to consider.

  • Where would I like to store the files?
  • What is the naming convention for images?
  • What is the structure that I would like to save data in the database?
  • How do I avoid spam?
  • What will the final pop3 email account be?
  • Should I open this up to others later on?
  • Should I embed EXIF information into the images?

After all of that, I also need to look into the wordpress API’s supported such as Blogger API, metaWeblog API, and Movable Type API. These pretty much use XML-RPC to post content to my blog. Maybe I can post the images to be hosted on wordpress itself. I’m already finding some interesting support for “media objects” in the meta weblog api.

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