QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Earlier tonight, I was discussing some ideas that I had with my wife. I was debating on creating a scavenger hunt using post cards to read where the avatars were located when they supposedly found an object in-world for the hunt. The problem is, I wanted to make sure that the object itself was in the picture.

Enter QR Codes. These handy little objects let you store quite a bit of information, and allow you to store a bit more information than bar codes, and apparently are pretty populare with camera phones in Japan. The trick though, would be to find some software to scan an image and locate the code. PHP doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to do that on it’s own, so I’d probably make an agent handle the work using something like JAVA or C#. This is where the queue system that I made for my product distribution kicks in, because I can just set up a different type of work that is handled specifically by the external agent.

This platform gives me a lot of exciting ideas. It is hard to find the time to turn those ideas into a reality.

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