Deleting a Wiki Page

I much enjoy a nice meal after a long day of work. Even better, I had a problem pop up yesterday that I couldn’t figure out. Today, the solution presented itself.

I spotted an “adult” image on the Second Life wiki the other day, and I was a bit confused as to how to flag it for removal. I was hunting all over the wiki for some tips, but found nothing. I ended up writing a comment in the discussion tab asking how to delete inapproprate content.

Zai Lynch came to the rescue and marked the page to be deleted. I big red box showed up saying that it was suggested for deletion. I was curious as to how it was done and looked at the wiki code.

{{delete|not PG}}

The Delete Template seems so simple to use. Now the file, along with all other files and pages that are marked for deletion can be found in the category, Suggested for Deletion. (Warning: Some images may not be safe for work).

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