Best Microblog?

I was looking through my Plurk timeline and found that Bevan replied to one of my plurks regarding a recount (which pointed to a post on my wordpress blog). In it, Bevan asked if I had read a blog post, “Well, that was 2009” on Tidal Blog.

I started reading through and then commented a reply on the plurk, and then continued reading.

Towards the end, I was a bit shocked. Peter Miller had highlighted me as having the best microblog. I’m a really happy guy rite now. Although it raises a question. Which microblog?

The hub of all things blog, for me, is my wordpress blog at However, I have a ton of cross-posting going on. My content is distributed on roughly 50 sites. I even wrote a post outlining the flow of my social networking.

All in all, I’m still pretty happy that I was on a list of highlights.

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2 Responses to Best Microblog?

  1. I have to confess that I normally read the RSS feed and your posts tend to be more frequent and focused than many yet still with a good range of content, including interesting technical insights. Compared to a few that we could both name, it is a microblog but nonetheless a pleasure to read!

    • Lewis Moten says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Peter. I often think of micro blogs as those that are text only, and limited to 140 characters or so (twitter, plurk, etc.) In part, SL limits me to roughly 700 characters to type, so maybe that’s why it’s in the micro category. The majority of entries appear here through emailing post cards from within Second Life. Lately I’ve edited the floater_postcard.xml again to extend the maximum limit by about 10 times. Of course, the next version of the second life client will have me constrained to 700 again until I get around to editing that file. Blogs in general tend to be bloated. I already have the general idea long before I finish reading the post. I’ve often found myself getting bored before I’m finished reading some posts.

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