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About a week and a half ago, I noticed that one of my domains with godaddy was using a good deal of its bandwidth and disk space was at about 100 MB. I was scratching my head over it and decided to investigate. After a while, I found that I could enable some free web statistics, but I would have to come back in a day to start seeing results.

I came back today and noticed that my bandwidth was already up to 13 GB this month. Jumping over to my statistics, I found that a majority of the visits to my site was to a forum application, and 38% of them were to a page to post messages. I had installed the forum a few years ago hoping to get customers to talk about their products and get help, answers, feature requests, and such. At the time, I would keep checking, but it was a ghost town. I had forgotten that I even had it.

I jumped on over to the forums and found that it was just swamped with spam. Anything you could think it, it was there. So the first thing that I did was to backup the configuration file and proceed with deleting the application. I can’t believe how spammers had gotten through. I’m assuming the majority of the file capacity was due to the profile icons. there were many to delete. Maybe in a week or so that report will show a decrease in traffic and requests on a weekly basis.

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