Reporting inventory

I’ve pretty much got the reporting jobs working with minimal problems in development. The majority of the work was simply copying code from the ping scripts.

I’ve also changed the code a bit so that if someone changed the name of the server, or it’s location, then they could initiate a report request to have that updated. Otherwise, they would need to wait at most, 24 hours for the dropbox to ping the server on its own.

I wanted to do the same for a ping command, since it would require less resources. It appears that the headers that I’m receiving back from requests to in-world objects dont’ include all (or any) of the information that llHTTPRequest provides. The most that it provides is a status code, which I use heavily. The alternative would be to have the body of html returned to include that information along with it.

Delivering inventory is the next phase. I’ve got plenty of infrastructure laid out, but there is plenty more logic that goes along with it. First, I need to look up all dropboxes that contain the item. Then I look to see which drop boxes have reported since the last failure, or failed delivery the least number of times. Part of this is redundancy so that if a region goes down, the delivery queue will attempt to deliver the same product from another location.

I think for today, I’ve gotten plenty of ideas worked out and operational. Tomorrow will give me plenty of time to proceed with the deliveries. Once they are ready, I can then integrate that into my mini countdown timer for trial versions to be distributed for those who ask for them.

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