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I decided to take a break from scripting and started looking at a few events. It’s three in the morning and there are classes going on for QAvimator. I hadn’t been to a class in a while, and I hadn’t used QAvimator in a couple years. Surprisingly, the author just released a new version this month after two years.

I arrived at the class to see Tempest Jarman giving instructions in both voice chat and text. A lot has changed since I last used it. It looks like I can now add props as references in the environment. It is a bit cleaner. One of the things I noticed is that the animation that I uploaded looked like the one I created. I used to have problems where things didn’t match.

Once we all created our custom shrug animations, we could use our own animation (upload is 10 L$), or she provided us with one for free to try out. The next part was to work with an animation that looped, so it needed a command to both start and stop the animation. Learning how to make the loops with the animation in Qavimator itself was pretty amazing with both a single frame and multiple frames. There was also a nice feature to clean up / optimize the BVH file as well to see the timeline easier.

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2 Responses to Qavimator Class

  1. There`s two tricks when working with animations in general:

    1) Go to the Beta-Grid (Aditi) when testing the anims. That way, the (almost inevitable) trial and error while adjusting them do not incur a 10 L$ fee each time, since you never run out of Beta Grid L$.

    2) The Emerald viewer has a nice feature where the animation preview prior to uploading gets done on your actual avatar, and not in that little preview thing. The “downside” is that only you see the preview.

  2. Lewis Moten says:

    Thanks for the tips Peter.

    #1 – I could probably do the same with my OpenSIM grids.

    #2 – It sounds like a great feature, but I have trust issues specifically with the creators of the emerald viewer.

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