cron is ready

It appears that cron has really taken over my development efforts tonight. I now have it setup the same way in both my development and production environments. In addition, I’ve also setup some symbolic links over in my development environment to be closely related to how godaddy has my directory structure setup. The closer that these two are in synch, the better it will be to catch any problems.

I also had some potential issues with email. The cron jobs apprently love to send out email, or store it in a local file. To get around this problem, I appended a code at the end to write out to nothing. At first, I tried the phrase “&> /dev/null”, but that was still writing out email. The phrase that did work was “>/dev/null 2>&1”. I don’t necessarily understand what that means exactly, but hey – it works.

I think now I can get back to the queue again and start sending commands to in-world dropboxes to ping, report, and deliver products.

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