Here are my 2010 predictions

I tried posting this three times through blogHUD, but it refuses to cross-post to my wordpress blog. So, I’m doing it manually.

So I made some predictions for things to happen in 2009, so let’s review:

  • Web page on a prim (For Real!) Didn’t happen. However, the Lindens keep dropping hints that it’s comming.
  • In-world Sculpty Editor Didn’t happen. Starting to think that the Lindens have given up on this feature.
  • Megaprims permitted and allowed through normal editor Didn’t happen. Was more of wishful thinking.
  • Monthly fee for 3rd party OpenSim’s connecting to the main grid Didn’t happen. OpenSim is still developing itself. Once it becomes more popular, we may see some changes in this matter.
  • Increase in mainland Tier price Didn’t happen – not even with Zindra.
  • Mainland sims with monthly stories (not just themes) behind theme spinning off mysteries, characters, products, etc. Didn’t happen, but we did see another type of theme pop up with Linden homes. One linden home community looks like it could start eventually lead into stories and such.
  • Statistics reporting for private sims Didn’t happen. Much needed though. Number of client scripts running in objects is supposed to be deployed with next client viewer, but no word on how it works.
  • More data available to 3rd party applications through web services Didn’t happen. Wishful thinking really.
  • social network Didn’t happen. Some may argue that second life is not a social network.
  • Live events through the web as guests without client. Didn’t happen. Well. Yes it did. I created a web-based chat for my company. it had eight different locations on an island that displayed images in eight different directions. Employees who could not install the second life software, or had firewall problems could still talk with everyone in-world and each other. They could jump between areas and turn the camera to look in eight directions, and had images that updated randomly to show different people in the area (although they were static images of the day before.)

Ok, I was really horrible in my predictions. I need to set myself up to be more reasonable. So … here it goes.

  • The grid will become unstable and logins will be locked out.
  • The asset servers will lose inventory.
  • 200 bugs (or more) will be filed.
  • At least 1000 users will log in see themselves initially appearing as a white cloud.
  • Someone will attempt to change their clothes and accidentally find themselves walking around in a PG area nude without noticing it.
  • A new viewer will be released.
  • A news article will write up a lot of bad publicity for the platform and get most of it’s facts wrong, or twisted.
  • There will be spam.
  • There will be at least a one month duration between two featured blog posts on the official blog.
  • Something will happen.

There, I’ve lowered the bar. By the looks of it, it appears that we are already on track. I’m feeling pretty confident in myself now.

3 Responses to Here are my 2010 predictions

  1. Toby Lancaster says:

    LOL + 1

  2. Lewis Moten says:

    I wonder how long it will be before someone figures out how to get Project Natal to work with Second Life in some way. 🙂

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