A world without halo’s

I had previously asked for help in voting on some of my bug reports that haddn’t been addressed by the Lindens – some for a few years. One of the bugs was specific to a problem that I was having with PNG textures having white edges, when I expected a black edge to fade into a transparent background.

Through a bit of dialog on the bug report today, I was able to find a way to get rid of this halo effect. The answer was to create a layer that is completely black behind everything. Then, I created a mask for it and painted it with RGB values of 1, 1, 1. This resulted in an almost completely transparent background, but was enough to flip the color information to black instead of white for the transparent pixels.

Peter Stindberg had suggested a plugin from Flaming Pear (Solidify?), and Adeon Writer was also mentioning a plugin (later found out to be liquify). I tried to use both plug-ins, but continued to get some white outlining on some of my black edges around the text before I found a solution with layer masks.

I’m happy that I found a solution after talking with these folks. I understood before hand about the white pixels, but I thought that Adobe Photoshop would handle that on it’s own. I may have to get a copy of GIMP to save PNG images properly. I’m still bothered that there is a semi- transparent black background on my images (although hard to see with the naked eye). At least my products will be looking a bit more crisp and clean.

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4 Responses to A world without halo’s

  1. Lewis Moten says:

    Thanks Peter. It seems that this does work with TGA files, but not with PNG. It’s odd how this works out. Targa files are just big and bulky. Also, the steps that they outline are pretty cumbersome. I’d rather just save what I see, rather than creating layer masks, rendering the text layer, all effect, run solidify, flatten, then creating an alpha channel. The problem is one PSD file that I have often represents many PNG files. I hide a group of layers, and then show the next and save the next PNG. So far, the almost transparent black layer seems to address this problem for the most part.

  2. I never had halo-problems with PNG’s. Actually I stopped using TGA the moment PNG’s became available since PNG’s display the transparency just like intended. Could you provide a sample file both as PSD as well as the resulting, halo’ed in-world texture?

  3. Lewis Moten says:

    Check your email. I sent the PSD, two PNG’s with and without the problem, and the Asset UUID’s of both textures in-world.

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