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I’ve come to the realization of how a bug triage works within the Lab after seeing the Lindens in action. Each week, the current bugs filed on JIRA are posted on an agenda. Then on Mondays, a few Lindens gather in-world at Hippotropolis along with any resident who would like to attend. Soft Linden often heads up the meeting with Alexa Linden helping out with moving bugs to an internal system (PJIRA) as they are triaged.

The bugs are ordered by the number of votes they received. Bugs with the most votes are listed at the top (with some exceptions). Soft Linden addresses each issue in order until time runs out. This causes a bit of a problem, because bugs with only a few votes begin to age over time without being addressed. I’ve seen a bug that I filed appear on the Agenda for three separate meetings now, and it had never gotten close to being addressed.

In order to get a bug to be addressed by the Linden staff, you not only need to file a bug, but it appears that you need to use your social networking skills to boost the number of votes. If anyone would like to help me out, here are My Open Unressolved Bugs that I could use your help voting on. I’m just glad we are not limited to only 10 votes to distribute.

VWR-6622 – Local Ruler Mode is not syncronized with flycam. VWR-6624 – Panning/Moving with flycam constrained. WEB-935 – SLurl in postcards missing referral parameter VWR-12190 – Confirmation twice when revoking modify rights on sorted list. WEB-1003 – Snapshot images appear broken in Lotus Notes email client. SVC-4900 – llUnescapeURL does not unescape + character. VWR-16518 – White outlines on alpha textures. VWR-16535 – Unicode displays as question marks in object name/descriptions XSL-86 – BBCode “[/code]” tags do not work. XSL-87 – BBCode “[quote][/quote]” tags give unexpected results.

I’ve setup a feed display in my office to show all of my reported bugs that are still open and unressolved from an RSS feed of the same query. Three of them have just one vote, where all others have none. The one that I have my eye on lately is [SVC-4900] – llUnescapeURL does not unescape + character. This is the issue that I see pop up on the agenda each Monday, only to see that it’s not addressed due to it’s low vote count.

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  1. I’m voting all of them. Thanks!

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