Video Tutorial and Help File Overhaul

With all of my products, I often include a note card that not only describes the product, but also helps individuals understand how to use it. I did a complete overhaul on my existing information for the count down timer and have started to include screen shots and more detailed information for the next version (1.5). Most of 1.5 is complete, but I’m still working on a few touch ups before I start sending it. Anyone who purchases the current version will get the next version when it is released.

One of the other things that I am working on is a video tutorial. Again, I’m hoping that it will help build interest, and answer questions that people may have who are unsure about how the product works. Although the tutorial is only four minutes in length, it’s taken most of the day to create it. I’ve recorded it in HD (480p) before sending it over to You-Tube. After I uploaded it, I realized that I said one thing in the audio, and did another in the video (setting the time to a minute and thirty seconds). I’m debating if I should correct the audio. It is a lot of work to do so. In addition, I’m considering the idea of creating a transcript for the five different languages that the product caters to (Japanese, German, French, Portuguese, and English).

The movie was put together with Windows Movie Maker. I recorded the video with Fraps, and the audio with Audacity.

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