Script Time

I was trying to determine how much of a performance hit my timers were going to put on the server based on the new functionality that I added to them this weekend. Refreshing the list, they are around 0.003 to 0.006 miliseconds. Every now and then, I’ll see one that takes around 0.010 miliseconds. The timers on the regions debug window really has me confused. It’s always been a bit of a mystery. I think I may have an idea though. The time is more or less, the amount of time that the scripts took with the last pass of execution. Each time the simulator grants execution time to the script (an itteration), it records how much time the script actually took to do it’s magic. Within 1 second, a script may get many, many times to execute. It is only the last itteration that is displayed when showing the Top Scripts dialog. I think it would be more beneficial however, if we could see the total or average number of miliseconds that a script has used over the past second or minute. It is hard to judge a scripts effect on a simulator by looking at the last itterations execution time alone.
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