Manual Crossposting

After what seems to be forever, I have gotten through posting the mini count down timer to eight different storefronts. My internal database is starting to grow in it’s structure to hold the different types of information that I find valuable. I am wondering it if is worth it to post to some of them. Back in the day, I used to post my items on SL Boutique. It did poorly in sales, but it still had them occasionally. The question starts to bubble up in my mind – does the time I use to post to these sites pay off in the long run? If I just sell an item or two, it’s only a couple bucks comming back. I’m not even making minimum wage if you think about it. The other side of it is that I’m sowing seeds and testing the waters. One of these storefronts that I would have passed up otherwise may turn out to be a great investment. The other thing I wonder is what else would I have done with my time otherwise? Looking at some product listings, I am debating if I should change my overall product presentation. Way too many ideas to throw me off course.
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  1. […] permissions. This is different though for most web based servers. For instance, I have web-based drop boxes for many different store fronts. None of them asked me for debit permissions. This is because all the money is handled on a web […]

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