Marketplace Diversity

I’ve started to expand into many of the marketplaces that Peter Stindberg had written a while back. Peter wrote an opinion about the different marketplaces comparing features with each other. I had used apez, xstreet, and metalife in the past. I am now starting to list my products on, metaverse exchange, myslmarket, vitty, and cbox. The initial registration and setting up of inventory boxes take a bit of time. I’ve also populated each market with only one item – my emotional HUD. I’ll start expanding into getting other products listed later. I would prefer it if all of these market places shared a standard API to manage products. For now, I’m building up a small database of my product information. Some of these markets have features I had been suggesting for the now defunct, OnRez (formally known as SL Boutique). I haven’t been able to find any other marketplaces other than the ones that Peter had mentioned. I would also like to concentrate on getting my SLX and Apez boxes consolidated.
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