I want a recount!

Dan SpiritWeaver contacted me asking if my countdown timer could reset itself. His need was for a karaoke timer to keep counting down 15 minutes of fame on its own for each performer. Neither the countdown timer, nor mini countdown timer did this. Since it was for a game, the mini countdown timer was the best item to upgrade since it is specifically targeted towards games with it’s “stop-watch” feature. I added an option to “loop” the countdown once it reaches zero. Dan was more than happy and invited me to take a look at his Videoke Karaoke Music Studio anytime. I took “Anytime” litterally and popped on over and startled him. The dancefloor brought back memories from one of my past relay for life campsites as it was comprised of a large turn table. I handed him a penny of Philip Linden to put on the needle, although I lacked supplies to help him tape it down.
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