Emotions With Less Effort

I took a look at the Emotional HUD and started working on an update. The first thing to do was to compile all the scripts in Mono. This decreased the time from an average of 0.027 down to 0.021. It’s about a 22% increase in performance. I went ahead and started using UV touch mapping to detect which picture the end-user clicked. This allowed me to remove 5 prims as well as 5 scripts. I also moved all of the touch commands from the pictures and arrows into the root prim, allowing me to remove two additional scripts (back/next). The overall performance is now setting at an average of 0.011 (almost 60% increase in performance), with less prims (7 prims instead of 12). There are additional features comming to LSL script that would help me out in reducing the overall number of scripts used – specifically llSetLinkPrimitiveParams and the new properties for PRIM_TEXT (SVC-5168). Still, an object only using 0.011 is very light weight. I may eventually change the look of the object as well. Currently it’s a pretty significan’t size as a HUD attachment. Anyone can resize it, but I’m thinking more or less a way to make it easier to use in general.
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