The blackness of it all

I was trying to setup my parcels media texture and decided to hit the old “Play” button to see what the parcel was actually set to. It turned out to be a SLCN.TV show, but my interface immediately turned black. Everything. All text boxes have black text on a dark gray background and is very hard to read. Some text boxes have a birght blue text (read-only?). I hadn’t seen a bug like this before. Perhaps Dazzle has changed in some way. Funny, as I hadn’t downloaded any new clients recently.

Update: After seeing Stuart Warf’s comment, I searched the JIRA for a related issue and found VWR-13966 (User interface goes black when playing media) regarding this problem. Go vote!

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2 Responses to The blackness of it all

  1. Stuart Warf says:

    This has been a bug in the client that’s existed since this version was introduced. It always gets triggered by a video playing.

  2. Lewis Moten says:

    Ah, I hadn’t seen it before. I was a bit shocked at first.

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