Text Box – Two years and counting

Almost two years after it started to appear in source branches (Feb 2008), the llTextBox method is still delayed. llTextBox shows a great promise to combining security and ease of use. It gives content creators the ability to provide a dialog box with a free text field instead of buttons. This is useful because the current methods of entering configuration information is through editing a note card, scripts, or typing. For objects that have no- modify permissions, users are limited to just typing. Typing in the public channel allows anyone to see what you are configuring your objects to use and may confuse them as it looks like you are talking nonsense. Imagine setting up an object to talk to twitter by providing your credentials in clear text for everyone to see. To avoid this problem, content creators start using non-public channels to listen on. To talk on these “channels”, the end-user prefixes their comands with a forward slash and number. (/5422 password). For an added measure of security, the channel to type on is changed randomly for each request. (/5422 username, /5200 password, etc.) It is a bit crazy having to type all these random numbers to enter information. With a text box, you can take out all of the extra steps and just enter the data directly. The text box allows the content creator better control over the security without making the end-user jump through hoops. The problem though is that this feature has been in the works for over a year and a half. I created a TwitterBox almost a year ago, but delayed it’s debut in waiting for the text box command to become available. Rite now, you need to prefix every response with a random number between 1000 and 9999. The llTextBox command does compile, but as always, it shows a button with the text “!!llTextBox!!”. There is some debate on the exact implementation of how it should be implemented. One suggestion is to have the ability for content creators to pre-populate the text box (SVC-2406), and another is to have both the buttons and free text box (SVC-2405). I’m getting to the point that I just want to see something. I could care less how. Simply put, something is better than nothing. A two year wait is way too long for a really simple feature. I am beginning to wonder if the Lindens forgot about this implementation and left it behind.
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