Same web texture for multiple prims

Earlier, I had though that the viewer was creating a separate texture for each prim that displayed a web page. After looking a bit closer – specifically at a page that keeps generating random content, I found that the same web texture is generated once and mapped to all prims. This helps out on client-side resource usage since only one browser instance is used. I am a little concerned about why my viewer crashed on a page that had 9 frames. One of the benefits of a web page on a prim is that it is constantly updated/animated with any javascript timers. For example, the XStreet page keeps changing the featured itmes that are displayed on its own. This introduces the ability for me to display a single product image, with overlayed information regarding the price, description, creator, permissions, etc. I think I’ll avoid frames overall and stick with just multiple images and text on a single web page.
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