Pages on a prim

I’ve got my little experiment setup to do the following. Touch a prim. You get a dialog asking which page you want to change (1 to 4). After choosing the page, you are asked to enter a URL. The url is sent to to be shortoned to a 5 character code. Afterwards the four codes (1 for each page) is sent to a server that I have on my local network which generates a frameset of 4 pages. Those four pages are shown in-world, but only portions of the texture. It’s nice how it works out, but resource intensive on the client. I’ve already crashed once when I tried it with 9 pages and 3072×3072 resolution. The SL viewer UI only allows me to go up to 1024×1024, but scripts are not limited. Pages with a lot of content seem to take longer to display as well.
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