SDPW: Railroads (SLRR)

Michael Linden headed up the Department of Public Works meeting today. He is the In-World Content Manager, mainly dealing with in-continence. Now that the Linden Homes are completed, he is underway (again) with roads, trains, and more. Most of the people were talking about the Second Life Railroad (SLRR) before Michael arrived. One of the interesting comments that came up was that each station would become a rez-zone pretty soon. There was also talk about problems with laying track near sandboxes because stuff often gets thrown into neighboring regions from the sandbox. There was a desire expressed by Michael Linden to move the sandboxes into their own continent. A road house was mentioned for the SLRR, but it would require an abandoned parcel to be found. A region could be thrown up, but often it would be near an area that would go next to an old private sim, so that is out of the question. By City and the Gulf of Lauren will be accessibe from the rest of the mainland by ship. The Blake Sea ferry boat is very close to beginning regular automated service (Barbarossa to Half Hitch, down to south of Blake Sea, up to Hollywood, back to Barbarossa). Michael said there were about 38 open tickets, 4 of which were very old. The 4 require internal software to change ownership of linden owned land/content to LDPW and would take a long time to do. These are concerning fixing a volcano (April 08), making a playground work (Oct 08), renaming roads for road-following vehicles, etc. The meeting turned to a problem where roads run along side of some of the tracks or simply need to cross. There were ideas brought up to use Jersey Barriers, bridges, underpasses, shared paths, and restricting cars and trains to one-lane. Other issues of encroachment came up where Governor Linden isn’t obeying the rules, making it look bad to enforce the policy.
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