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Mathew Ordinary contacted me regarding a new marketplace called LISA System. I told him I was working on my own market exchange system, but he continued to enlighten me about LISA. I started taking a look at a link he provided explaining what LISA System was (Listing, Inventory, Sales, Accounting). The information was hosted at a place called SL Toy Box. Links seemed not to work, but he said that the site wasn’t live yet, and will be available on January 1st along with all links becomming active. He provided me with a package to look at. I rezzed it and unpacked it. One of the objects sent me over to a quick start guide for the SL Toy Box. There are lots of words and even a personal cell phone to call KaiKonn Lerner direct. The main thing I’m concerned about though is the requirment to grant debt permissions to the servers. I denied it and it continued to ask again and again. I haven’t seen other market places require these permissions, and I don’t trust my wallet to a stranger.
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  1. Gypsy says:

    He contacted me too, it was very cryptic,

    All he said was “Please send me an IM when you come online nesxt as I need to speak with you about
    something very important, thanks”

    It raised some little hairs on the back of my neck so I thought I’d ask google about it and ended up here.

  2. Lewis Moten says:

    He’s contacted me a few times since then. It appears he’s looking for a mentor to teach him how to script. I had to turn him down as he doesn’t have any background in programming.

  3. Hi guys. I happend to do a search, and discovered this website. I wanted to personally clear up a few things.

    First and foremost, Mathew Ordinary, was originally hired by as a sales manager, but after discovering his very crypticc, and sometimes “spammy” ways of contacting people in SL, I released him from his .. “duties” at my company.

    What he was offering, was LISA, which is a legitimate Inventory Management and Vending system for SL. The “debit” requests are actually legitimate, and are there because the server you rezzed was a business server. The debit authorization is critical because it’s the Server that pays the partner, and designer “splits” as v/s the Sales Vendor which is the case in most systems. The reason it asks over and over again is to emphasize how absolutely critical this part of the system is to the overall operation of the system.

    Unfortunately, Matthew did his job extremely poorly. He was supposed to take you through the system step by step explaining each piece as it was installed. Again, due to his lax approach to selling the LISA system to valued customers such as yourselvs, I was left with no other choice than to relieve him of his duties with my company.

    LISA currenly has over 100 retail and designer partners including Jador, Sartoria, and Mimi Juneau (Top SL Businesswoman 2008).

    My sincerest apologies concerning the approach Mathew used when contacting some of the business people of SL. While I gave him stern direction on how to approach potential customers, it became quickly obvious that he was not handling customers with the care that I intended him to, and thus let to his immediate termination at SLTB.

    Thank you for your time, and reading this. If you’d care to visit the SLTB Headquarters, I am almost always in SL as SL is my only focus.

    Please feel free to read more about LISA, or look me up in SL. I”d be happy to answer any questions you might have concerning LISA, or any other products we currently service.

    KaiKonn Lerner
    skype: kaikonnlerner
    cell: 832.454.4653
    Yes, that’s my real phone number. Feel free to call if necessary.

  4. […] creator of LISA and slToyBox contacted me to clarify a few issues that I had when Mathew Ordinary introduced me to LISA. Apparently, a lot of folks didn’t take too kindly to Mathew’s style of marketing and […]

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