Social Networking Workflow

After changing some things around in how I produce content and distributed it on the Internet, I decided to take a moment and map out the different services that I use, and how information flows.

Dedric Mauriac's Social Networking Workflow

Most information is provided through my Second Life client. I simply take a snapshot of something that I find interesting, and then write a message regarding what I see or a related topic. I email this to three different email addresses. The Recipients email field is populated with “;;”. The images show up on SL Universe, BlogHUD, and Mixoom. BlogHUD takes it a step further and cross posts my images to both Flickr and to my primary blog hosted on wordpress. I have a service that takes all entries posted on my wordpress blog and converts the text into audio. This allows people who have a tough time reading to listen to my blog posts instead. I don’t know if anyone has vision problems, or is too busy to read through my blog, but the option is available. A new service that I’m trying out is to phone in my opinions and ideas to CinchCast. My wordpress blog allows me to display the RSS feed from CinchCast on my blogs side bar. I use a service called Twitter Feed to take the RSS feeds from CinchCast, WordPress, and my subscribe-o-matic group and send their information to Ping.FM. From here, Ping.FM sends out information to various social networks. All of this automation allows me to be active without spending too much time updating the networks on my own. Originally I was running around to different networks posting different messages and getting out of synch. I am now able to introduce my information to a smaller number of entry points to be distributed accross the Social Internet. Here are the social networks that I post to:

1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. MySpace
4. Ning
5. Gtalk (Google Talk)
6. AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)
7. Tumblr
8. LinkedIn
10. Brightkite
11. Friend Feed
12. Plurk
13. Jaiku
14. Blogger
15. Plaxo Pulse
16. LiveJournal
17. Bebo
18. hi5
19. Xanga
21. Friendster
22. Koornk
23. Diigo
24. you are
26. Flickr
27. Vox
28. TypePad
29. ShoutEm
30. myYearbook
31. Photobucket
32. Posterous
33. Yahoo Profiles
34. Yahoo Meme

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