Qarl Linden Office Session

Peter Stindberg handed me a hud to let me know when Linden office hours are in session. They are usually occuring when I’m not available, but today I had a half day of work. I arrived at Qarl Lindens office in which he told us in more ways than one that he couldn’t talk about Mesh’s without an NDA and that they would be made available in 2036. I emailed him asking for an agreement. Other then that, I asked him what he could talk about. His response was “nothing, apparently”. Most of the conversation centered around the weather and the location that he moved to. One participant was asking why Babbage Linden could give fine details about upcomming script changes where Qarl had his hands tied. Qarl’s response was that Babbage was in the core. Qarl also mentioned that spore allows you to export creatures. That sounds pretty amazing. They are also considering animated meshe’s. There are concerns about morph targets and the extra data needed for them. There is talk about rigged skeletons for avatars and eventually for prims as well. There is the possiblity of a physics constraint system in the works. It will not be like the original joints in the old days, but there is talk about hiearchical joints.
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2 Responses to Qarl Linden Office Session

  1. Radar says:

    My understanding is that they are moving towards a beta on mesh imports. Seems odd that qarl can’t even talk about it. How can it be they can say they are considering animated meshes if they can’t even talk about the current upcoming state of mesh import?

    I have say, still, office hours as a means of communication is poor, and having to wear yet one more HUD, with the prim and scripts that it uses up, just to find out about when those office hours are, is silly. It’s a ludicrous, outdated system of tying the ability to provide feedback (which the Lindens seriously need) on stuff the Lindens are doing to a physical location, even if it is in world.

    LL needs to seriously rethink some of their processes. This is one of them.

  2. Lewis Moten says:

    Well, if I’m permitted into the beta program, it seems I’ll have to keep my lips sealed. There is plenty to talk about besides mesh objects.

    I found it to be odd that he couldn’t talk about it as well. He may have to stop holding office hours if he can’t talk. He started to open up at the end, but was still pretty constrained.

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