Nascera Homes – Elderglen

The lab is now inviting residents to look into it’s new program to help premium residents settle into communities. This are some mixed feelings over this. The homes are pretty much prefabs setting on 512 sq. m. plots. The quality isn’t that bad, but the repetitiveness of homes degrades the experience. On one sim, I found about 55 homes, but only 4 varieties to choose from. It would have been better if each home on a region was unique. My impression is that these folks were on a tight deadline and cut things short. A few paths around the area may improve the community aspect a bit. I arrived at a community hub when I first came to take a look. The hub takes up an entire region and appears to present many smaller games and opportunities to role play. This may be great, but I believe the games will become outdated unless the lab introduces new content over the next few years. Something tells me that it will not happen and that things will be set in stone. The overall quality on the community hub is amazing.
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