Nascera – Elderglen Infohub

The Elderglen infohub has it’s own region in the center of it’s community. There are a few things that are really oriented towards a community. The first is having a stage available (although small) that can allow live performances to carry on. It would have been preferable if the instruments could be derezzed for live performers, and instructions provided to allow community members to change the music stream. I half-expected the Linden Radio to be playing, but found that there wasn’t any media playing. In another corner of the room, I found a few remnants of a Linden telehub with informative posters about video tutorials, bug reporting, and general information. Another corner had your classic sandbox signs posting rules about violence, commerce, mature behavior, and griefing with audio. The last corner contained a nice bar with free fantasy drinks. A room on one side lead to a large kitchen to grab items (apples and oranges) or to do some work (scrub floors, knead dough). The room on the other end was an alchemists workshop with books, potions, candles, powders and more. It also had a game to catch faries. The region itself had supporting buildings such as a forge, wizards tower, grave yard, and ancient ruins. Each type of resident home was also on this region fully funished.
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