P Squared

I had a look around P Squared and I got the idea that this was probably Philip Linden’s Island. I’m guessing that P Squared means that there are two Philips – one in real life, one in the virtual environment. I had a look on the Internet and found that P Squared often has additional meanings.

1. Women who tolerate men because both their paycheck and pleasure satisfy the women enough. It had me thinking of how much people tolerate Philip. He neither pays nor pleases us though.

2. A 40 something guy pretending to be younger and who likes small children. This had me thinking back to the RockSpider inccident. Their really isn’t much perversion about Philip though except for his rhinestone crotch pants, so I moved onto the next definition.

3. Someone who doesn’t want to break rules to help out so called friends. I passed this one over because he doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who holds back based on fear of getting in trouble.

4. Getting pleasure due to pitty. Philip’s married, so I passed this one up as well. I don’t think there is much pitty being felt for this guy to build an island for it.

5. Getting premium pleasure. …

6. Party posse. I haven’t seen a posse following Philip around. In fact, I haven’t really seen him around at all.

7. Someone who leaves a party with the best looking people, causing the rest of the night to be a drag. Well, Philip would first need to show up to said parties.

What do you think that “P Squared” means?
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One Response to P Squared

  1. Adz Childs says:

    It’s when you accidentally set the hollow shape on your prim bits to “square”

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