Linden Offices Unaccessible

In disucssion the outbursts that residents often have of communications with the Lab on major problems, I pointed out a few things. 1. Hard to find office hours. 2. Hard to find topics of discussion. 3. Hours often during the working day. 4. Limitation to 100 avatars or less. 5. Not a viable platform for such discussions. 6. Discussion only starts after the event. 7. Discussions are heavily fragmented across the Internet. I was going to make a post of this at Babbage Linden’s office, but found that his office on his picks is inaccessible. The closest I could get was within 800 meters on P Squared.
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3 Responses to Linden Offices Unaccessible

  1. radar says:

    I think the whole office hours thing is a bad idea, at least if that’s what they base their user feedback on. I can never go during their hours, nor do I want to.

    The entire reason the internet was invented was so that people don’t have to go someplace at a specific time to let others know what they are thinking.

    It’s dumb, it’s exclusionary, and it’s never going to give them an accurate or reliable picture of what people really think nor is it going to bring all or even the best ideas back to them from their customer base.

    Did I mention office hours are stupid?

  2. Lewis Moten says:

    The whole specific “point in time” problem is a big deal for me. I’m not able to make it to their office. Also, if you look at his schedule, he lists office hours for the month, but without any topics. How were we to know that he would be discussing script limitations?

  3. Someone gave me an “office hour HUD” a while ago, which sends you reminders on upcoming office hours and a 15min countdown along with SLURL. I’ll drop you a copy next time I log in.

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