Getting a head in life

I was talking with Radar Masukami through Instant Messaging when he revealed that he was using Touch Life on his iPhone to talk with me. He said he was blind as he could not see things around him. I tried to give him some eyes, but got a message that he declined the inventory. He said he got the inventory though. In turn, he sent me a head. I knew just the place I would put it and left for Nowhereville. Happy Holidays!
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Update: Radar had posted about this Touch Life adventure on his blog.

4 Responses to Getting a head in life

  1. radar says:

    I’m not sure if I’m sorrier for the Noob or the snowman smoking the noob…

  2. radar says:

    Oh, by the way, here’s what it looks like running Touch Life:

  3. […] Weird. A bug or something about how Touch Life handles that message back to the server. Anyway, he blogged about what he did with the inventory I sent […]

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