Blame Sculpties on me

I finished downloading metaverse messenger archives today and was able to use the search feature in the Adobe Reader to search the text of all PDF’s at once. I found my “Resident of the Week” spotlight in M2 Vol. 2 No. 26 (February 27, 2007), page 7 and 22. In the article, I mention that I would like to see images used to store mesh information. The exact thing came true just a few months later on the preview grid. So the question is, would I have a right to patent and license the intellectual idea since I came up with the idea first in a public forum?

Here is my response to what I hoped to see in the future of SL upgrades.

I would like to see the ability to upload mesh objects to apply to our basic prims in the same way we can apply images from our inventory. Compressed, simple meshes would be about the same file size as an image, so the only limiting factors are how to texture them and apply physics. It would be amazing to see what kind of avatars people come up with. Besides that, the ability to edit notecards with Rich Text formatting or HTML so that we can support unicode better, make text different colors, centered, bold, underlined, and also have inline images and links that open in your web browser (or in the notecard window itself).

I’m still waiting to see Rich Text Formatting (RTF) in note cards.

Along with that issue, I discovered my name mentioned in a few other issues as well.

M2 Vol. 1, No. 35, Page 14 – I won third place in an Open Rod Tournament on April 9th, 2006 in Neo-Realms Fishing Camp – long before there was a 7 seas fishing game. I still have that trophy in my inventory.

M2 Vol. 2, No 52, Page 30DrFran Babcock speaks about her build “Womyn Tree” for the Burning Life event in 2007 and mentions me as part of her Green Team. I was on the parcel next to hers.

Dedric Mauriac's Burning Life 2007 Build

M2 Vol. 2, No 57, Page 13 – Madison Donnelly (a fashion angel from fashion heaven) puts together an outfit for Halloween and uses my Wind-up key and claims that it definately made her outfit.

M2 Vol. 3, No 29, Page 32 – DrFran Babcock and Vanilla Jessop feature a set of the best prim wings, featuring a set of wings that my wife had made, and I had scripted (see the wings on page 27 on the lower left of the image).

Some really cool wings I have been scripting for Korii Tiger.

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2 Responses to Blame Sculpties on me

  1. Actually the word “Sculptie” is wrong. What they are in fact are “Displacement Maps” – a technology used for quite a long time in professional 3D programs.

    In contrast to Bump Mapping – which SL supports only very, very half-heartedly (and where SL would profit immensly would it be properly implemented) – Displacement maps actually change the geometry of an object.

    Admittedly SL uses displacement maps in a rather extreme way. Usually they get used for only minor changes in the geometry.

    For a basic introduction please see:

  2. Lewis Moten says:

    Ah well, it was more of a hypothetical question.

    There are several layers of texturing I would like to see. Perhaps some can be combined with the different channels an image has (red, green, blue, alpha). Using llSetTextureAnim on each later would do wonders. Here is my best explanation. I don’t know the technical terms.

    Glow Maps – determine which parts of a texture glow, and how much (alpha) and the color of the glow. each pixel can have a different glow color.

    Shiny Maps – determine which parts of a texture shine, and by how much. it would be a sort of mask.

    Reflection type – shiny, image, or environment. image would require an image that the object would reflect, where environment would actually reflect the environment around it.

    Bump Mapping – for reals! Let us choose our own texture to bump.

    Full Bright – rather than by face, allow us to say which parts are fully lit on the texture, and by how much (0 to 255)

    It would also be interesting to see some refraction, shadows, and better lighting effects (omni directional, ambient, and spotlight) Ambient would probably be set per region by estate owners, or per parcel.

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