Update: Regarding the suspension/warning, I just checked my trouble ticket and found that it has been resolved. A correction was made and this recent “suspension warning” will not count against me.

I looked in my email and saw that I received a suspension notice yesterday. The contents of it shocked me as I was not in violation of what they were claiming. “Residents may not extend or overhang objects onto other Residents land or land owned by Linden Lab without permission.” I take precautionary measures to ensure that I am within my parcel space. The first thing that I do is make sure I can see the property lines (View -> Property Lines – or press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + P). I then create solid prims and resize/center them to fit exactly the full size of the property. The viewer allows you to snap them into place. I now have a large visual marker.

Use property lines to identify building area

Next, I usually it up in the sky above the clouds up to 400 or 500 meters. Something divisible by 100. Using the prims as a marker, I create my skybox.

Bring foundation up to sky as visual marker

Rather than a bland box, I try to give it a sense of style and function.

Not your ordinary skybox

So the suspension message is a bit odd. It’s titled to reflect that it is either a warning or suspension, but the details within clearly state that I was suspended. They failed to indicate the duration or when the suspension would be lifted. In addition, there isn’t any reference number to the suspension.

This is all related to a landlord in an adjacent sim. I first built my skybox two months ago. The landlord asked me to move my skybox so that it wouldn’t obstruct their view. I tried to move higher, but as I kept going higher and higher, I found that they had even more sky boxes. I moved lower just above the clouds and he thanked me. The other day, I got the same request to move but with snide remarks and false allogations.

  • Rezzing objects directly opposite of tenants homes – false. The structure was there for 2 months. Also, I am in an adjacent sim, so this is impossible.
  • Relocating builds lower or higher. – Harassement. I had already moved at their request earlier.
  • Wish to speak with an adult who is guiding me – insulting snide remark insinuating that I’m a child.
  • Desiring a little respect for other residents – insulting snide remark insinuating that I am not respecting his wishes from 2 months ago.

At the time, I was insulted and felt harassed. My reply:

David, you or one of your associates already contacted me when I first acquired th land about two months ago. I had moved the building lower and the response was a positive confirmation with thanks. I have not moved the building since that time. It is your turn to move. If you no longer like the view from where your buildings are at, then please move your tenants higher, lower, or out of the region. If you need more control over your neighbors, I suggest that you look into acquiring a private region. A little respect for your fellow neighbors would be desirable.

A minute after the email, another email had come stating that all of my objects were returned. I’m pretty confused about all of this. What prevents me from filing the same abuse report against him for having a sky box “opposite” of me? What gives him priority over me? Had a Linden asked me to move it, I would have moved the objects myself. The fact that there isn’t any litigation over this really urks me. It’s like saying that If I sue you, a judge makes a decision based on my facts alone and does not need to hear your side of the story until after the conviction. And there is another thing. I can’t call upon and counsel to check if I am in the right or wrong. Plenty of people have had problems with this cut-throat AR system. I didn’t think that I would have been caught up in it. I have a few suggestions for improvement.

  1. I realize that not all AR’s can have litigation due to the nature and time constraints, but there are plenty that would put the lab in a better spot light. Allowing someone to defend themselves or take action to resolve a problem in an official capacity would remove false accusations, mixups, and problems with the staff. Imagine if you get an email that says you have X days to contest this abuse report. A link is provided that takes you to the support portal in which you could add a comment to a trouble-ticket in your own defense, or fix the problem and notify them that it has been taken care of.
  2. Show the name of the account that filed the AR. In most circumstances, the defendants already know who filed it anyway.
  3. Educate the staff, or give better details as to the reason for suspension/warning. It is clear to me that I was not violating the TOS based on the content of the warning/suspension that I received.
  4. Be clear about the end results. I am still confused as to if I had received a warning or a suspension. It would have been nice if they indicated in the email that my parcel objects would be returned by a Linden rather than getting messages about “parcel owner return”. I know I didn’t return them, but still…
  5. Contact the person who is in violation BEFORE taking action on matters that don’t need immediate attention (immediate attention items would be things like grid attacks). Again, if the Linden felt I was in violation and asked me to move my stuff, I would have. Lindens have more weight.
  6. Hire a ton of staff to work though the AR’s. The platform that the lab offers is “very” slow in response time. Other platforms and games usually respond within an hour or a day at most. With the lab, you could be waiting for days. In past AR’s that I filed, the lab doesn’t say what the results were – good or bad. It’s frustrating. Is it really worth it to file an AR at all? Did they have enough information?
  7. Get some kind of quality metric in place to determine if th action taken was appropriate.
  8. Show proof of the violation.
  9. Use tracking numbers! I have nothing to reference when contesting the results. I imagine this makes it harder for the team to work with as well.
  10. If an AR is in the system from both parties against the other, merge them together to evaluate the situation.

In case you are curious as to what the email looked like, here it is:

Subject: Warning or suspension of Your Second Life Account

Dear Dedric Mauriac,
This email is notification of action regarding your Second Life account, Dedric Mauriac, for violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or Community Standards. The violation in question occurred on December 1, 2009 in the region of Banyaga.
Violation: Disturbing the Peace:  Parcel Encroachment
Residents may not extend or overhang objects onto other Residents land or land owned by Linden Lab without permission.
No additional action is being taken at this time.
Appeal Process:
The decision to suspend your Second Life access was reached after investigation of your use of the Second Life software and service. If you would like to appeal your suspension, you may contact Second Life Support, in writing, at the address below:
Second Life Support
Linden Lab
945 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
You may also appeal electronically by filing a support ticket at  For more information on this process, please see this KnowledgeBase article
Please provide relevant information that you believe would explain the above violation.  Linden Lab reserves sole discretion in considering whether to take any action on an appeal.
Please note that for electronically submitted appeals, due to the nature of the ticket, it may take upto 72 hours to receive an initial decision on your abuse appeal.
Linden Lab
Although they say no additional action is being taken, it was clear that they proceeded to return the structure that was located on my parcel.

45 Responses to Suspended

  1. Crap Mariner says:

    More madness from the Labbies. ugh.


  2. Oh man, that sucks!

    Good suggestions, however #2 – as much as I see the sense in your suggestion – strikes me as a bit critical since in some cases it may prevent the filing of an AR because of fear of repercussions and counter-AR’s.

  3. Lewis Moten says:

    With #2, this can be solved by maintaining a history between the parties involved to track if their is a going back-and-forth with AR reports to identify abuse (related to #10). In addition, there needs to be a way to keep tabs on past issues that were already resolved. What happens if this guy decides to build another sky box across from mine again and decides to post another AR report on me?

  4. radar says:

    Disappointing. I’ve always scoffed at people who said their accounts were suspended for no reason, sometimes because I was able to get the whole story from an informed perspective (shh. I did NOT say that. I made that up. it doesn’t mean what you think it means).

    But now I don’t know. What a crock.

  5. Itazura says:

    Appeal the warning and say that you doublechecked all your prims when you built the box and did not believe anything to be overhanging, then rebuild your skybox very carefully to be sure nothing crosses over. Ignore your neighbor and mute him when he bitches about his view. He isn’t entitled to an unobstructed view. You tried to accommodate him and the thanks you got was an AR and items returned. If he does anything about it that is obviously an attempt to harass you, AR it with an explanation that you tried to work with him but no matter how high you place your box he keeps complaining about “his view”

    • Lewis Moten says:

      It’s already being appealed. I’ve documented everything pretty well with these snapshots explaining how I built the sky box as well as the chat logs from David Bloom.

  6. Radar says:


    Did it turn out to be just a warning, or a suspension? Were you able to log in afterwards?

    • Lewis Moten says:

      This is a tricky question to answer, because I did not log in rite away. I was able to log in later that night. So… it could have been a 6 hour, 12 hour suspension or not at all. Nothing is clear. Their isn’t a way to check my account history to see if I was suspended, when, and for how long. The email says that my account was suspended after they investigated my use of the software/service, but again, no duration mentioned.

  7. […] Dedric has a jackass for a neighbor, and winds up getting his stuff returned by LL. […]

  8. This is the issue with much of the Governance on the grid: it is too easy for the systems to be abused either initially (as in your case) or by retribution as in the counter DMCA filings we hear about.

    I for one can be quite crass and abrasive (I really don;t think that’s a secret) – but I have been fortunate enough to have not run into this scenario (on wither side) for myself.

    I do find it odd that you have not received a Warning first, but there is no doubt it’s just a suspension and not a ban (else it would say outright that your account has been “deleted” and you are no longer allowed access to the grid.)

    I suspect the person you are in disagreement with has a surname Linden friend (or a friend who has a surname Linden friend) and called-in a favor to suspend you without notice and to return tor stuff. All surname Lindens have that power.

    I would not portent to suggest such, but if I were in your shoes, I would file a complaint with Linden Lab and see if I couldn’t get some kind of ‘investigation’ thing going. System logs will show who did what, when and how.

    In the mean time, I would take the “higher road” and just look to move. And while my land is sitting for sale, I suspect there would be a lot of garishly fluorescent-looking loud prims (my land, I can do as I please, right?)

    And it wouldn’t be mi “giving-in” to the bonehead, it would be my being too lazy and tired of BS drama, so time to move “up” in the world. But until that parcel sells, I suspect the irritable neighbor would be wholly irritated.

  9. Radar says:

    I don’t think the Lindens would suspend someone for a friend if it wasn’t justified. I know any Linden friends I have would tell me to pound sand if I asked them to do something stupid like that. And rightly so.

    If any Lindens were that shady, I’d be surprised and even more disappointed than I am. I really don’t think that’s what happened here. I think they just don’t have time to handle petty arguments, and this is how they dealt with it.

  10. Tateru Nino says:

    Heck, I’ve been suspended three times without notice or explanation. I hear a lot of this.

    • Itazura says:

      The suspension email is sent automatically when the account is suspended (even if it’s just a warning). so unless you got a 1 hour kick from a Linden in world you will *always* get a notice. Check your email (including your spam filters).

      • Tateru Nino says:

        Seriously. I didn’t get a notice. I checked back at mail-server logs.

        My support tickets were unanswered and eventually deleted. Emails went unresponded to. I even ended up making formal press enquiries about it, which were met with “Linden Lab does not comment on individual enforcement actions.”

      • Tateru Nino says:

        Addendum: I definitely believe that the emails are sent automatically, yes. I just as firmly believe that the automated system that sends them tends to break, and perhaps as many as half of the emails that should be sent never actually are.

  11. radar says:

    The email looks like something that’s autogenerated when the account is suspended. I have to be honest, I’d be full of awe and wonder if one of these didn’t go out automatically when an account is suspended.

    The last person who claimed he wasn’t told why he was suspended was someone you reported on, Tateru, and in his case, i KNOW that wasn’t true.

    • Lewis Moten says:

      Yea, however it would be preferable if I could also see an account history of suspensions/warnings when I logged into the second life website. I imagine a few people may not have valid email addresses any longer.

      Remember when the lindens changed everyones password due to someone getting into their systems. Many people lost access to their accounts because it was tied to their old email address when going through the “forgot password” process.

  12. Tateru Nino says:

    Well, I’ve definitely never gotten one of those emails. Nor did my editor when he was suspended. Nor were either of us ever able to get a response from Linden Lab about what the cause was.

    • Itazura says:

      They probably didn’t know what you were talking about because you weren’t ever suspended which is why you never got an email. You probably had a stuck presence or something like that and assumed because you couldn’t log in your account was suspended. What were you doing that make you jump to that conclusion? 🙂

      • Tateru Nino says:

        Well, my first clue was the three days that the system told me that my account was disabled/suspended when I tried to log in.

        That’s what happened on each occasion.

  13. Tateru Nino says:

    The most common case I hear about is that the email is received, but the “Violation” part is missing. I think that would have been preferable in my case.

    However, there are *numerous* reports that the email is never received. Too many to ignore.

  14. Itazura says:

    Yep, and the most ‘common’ claim in prison is “i didn’t do nothin’!”.

    The “numerous” reports can be explained multiple ways. 1. People are stupid and either don’t check their email filters or make accounts with bogus email addresses like mailinator… or 2. people lie because they know it’s something we can’t actually verify and it makes them sound more innocent.

    How about you try this… Start a Live Chat with LL and ask: “Has my account ever received a warning or a suspension? If so, what for and when? I just want to know.” See what they say. It’s your account record. They should be able to tell you that. Then you’ll know. It’s called factchecking and it’s what journalists are supposed to know how to do.

  15. Itazura says:

    Tateru, I’d be willing to bet the reason you never got a notice was because you were never suspended.

    Seriously, if you’re a premium member call them. They aren’t going to answer in a “formal press inquiry” or answer emails. Just call support and ask for basic information on your disciplinary record, # of warnings/suspensions and dates.

    Then you will know and you can stop the speculation based on assumptions… unless of course you find the conclusions it leads people to draw from them preferable.

    • Tateru Nino says:

      I did that. I was told that they could not give me that information, and referred back to email.

      I’ve been through all of this. Repeatedly.

      I was quite determined to find out if it was genuine (since I’ve never done anything that I’m aware of that violates either the TOS or the CS even slightly) or if it was some sort of glitch where the system *thinks* I was suspended. (Although they *did* ask me to stop asking questions that they couldn’t give me the answer to)

      My understanding is that the primary topic here is whether the customer service is shoddy or not insofar as dealing with warnings and suspensions and other administrative actions. I believe that this is the case, and that it is somewhat exacerbated by some dodgy support software – it’s hard for me to justify alternative scenarios given the personal history I’ve had with that customer service.

      • Lewis Moten says:

        I was wondering myself about the same thing in regards to the Linden who suspended my account being a bit shoddy. I felt that they visually thought that I overlapped parcel boundaries, but did not take the time to actually verify it. In the sky, it is hard to judge where things are placed without a visual marker.

    • Lewis Moten says:


      You are missing a lot of history here with the Lab regarding appeals. It used to be very hard to get things resolved regarding punitive actions. It is only recently that they have begun accepting trouble tickets to resolve suspensions/warnings. In the past, they would only accept contact regarding these issues in writing.

  16. Itazura says:

    “I’ve done it. They said that they do not keep records older than six months. It took 8 months to get that answer.”

    That’s a lie. They keep records on disciplinary actions against an account forever.

    • Tateru Nino says:

      Well, that’s what I was told, and more than once. I kept notes.

      My main point here is that I’m unable to find out even whether it was intentional or a glitch.

      I tried again this very week, because coincidentally I’ve been working on an article about Linden Lab customer service. So, that’s going on three years now.

    • @Itazura
      “It’s a lie…”

      And which surname Linden is YOUR alt? After all, you *must* be a Linden in order to *know* what you know. LOL

      It never ceases to amaze me how some people (read: you)are *never wrong* and they always take the negative tact to “prove” it.

      /me snickers, laughs and grabs another fistful of popcorn to stuff into his mouth.

      • radar says:

        And it never ceases to amaze me that the ones talking about the popcorn are never doing anything except offering stupid comments.

        You were one of the ones stating you’d bet that Dedric’s neighbor has a Linden friend. You demand Itazura be wrong, but you came up with a bullshit theory that is always based on paranoia and lies: the one that the Lindens are out to get me.

        Are you done making stuff up yet?

      • Actually, ummm… no.

        I’ll take a few minutes to think-up something about you. 😉

      • radar says:

        I figured you would. I’ve worked with enough people willing to make up facts to suit their own excuses for themselves that I know them when I see them. Your comment about how Lindens would suspend someone without proof for a friend was a perfect example.

        I call it like I see it: You’re full of crap, Ari.

      • radar says:

        I do have a serious question for you though.

        What do you do for a living? The reason I ask is that I work in an engineering environment for a large company, and over the years I’ve noticed something. People who make up facts that aren’t based in data can have a career in engineering. But they’re never the ones coming up with the new solutions, the new processes, and the new products. They’re the ones shuffling between organizations, failing to notice that other people are getting stuff done because they aren’t letting their preconceptions get in the way. So they make lousy engineers.

        They make great writers though.

      • Dip-wad, never proclaimed anything I’ve said as a fact. Get your “facts” straight.

        Too many drama-queens in SL. Do you count yourself among them? I hope not.

        But based on your comments, I am having serious doubts. I give you permission to have the last word on it.

        Sometimes the best way to show a fool is to allow him to have his way. Thus it is better to let others think you a fool rather than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

        With you, Radar, there is still doubt in my mind because you have only made whiny comments, not stupid, idiotic ones like Itazura. They proclaim “fact” when they have none whatsoever. I have not proclaimed anything as “fact” – neither have you as best as I can tell.

        Now try reading word for the words written rather than building insinuation where there in none. It speaks volumes about one’s own mindset.

        No, go forth and open thy mouth widely. Or not as you choose. I am done here.

      • radar says:

        The great Ari Blackthorne is done. We have offended him.

        Get stuffed, douchebag.

      • Question answered! LOL

      • radar says:

        That sad part is that you’re too stupid to know that Itazura is actually correct. He’s not making stuff up. He’s actually dealing in facts.

        Hence my question stands: what do you do for a living? I hope it’s not making data driven decisions. Because you’re not capable of it.

  17. Itazura says:

    Did is past tense. Do is present tense. Call them and ask, “Have I ever been formally warned or suspended? IF so, when?”

  18. radar says:

    It took 8 months to get an answer in a live chat or a support phone call? That’s one long call!

    Tateru, the problem I have with this “it happens all the time” thing is that I’ve had a handful of people in SL say that it happens all the time. If it truly happens all the time, how come I haven’t met 1000 people in the 3+ years I’ve been in SL that have been suspended without notice or provocation? The only logical answer is that it doesn’t happen all the time.

    You know how when you buy a new car, you suddenly see that kind of car everywhere? It’s not that there’s suddenly actually more of them on the road. It’s that we have pattern matching brains that see patterns but don’t have the ability to tell when the pattern is real and when it’s not real. That’s just science.

    I think in Dedric’s case, clearly a mistake was made. I don’t think they should have returned his stuff, and I don’t think they should have warned him or suspended him, whichever happened. If it was a suspension, it was shorter than normal. If it was a warning, and not a suspension, they need to rewrite their automated email template to make it clear.

    • Tateru Nino says:

      Indeed, you are correct. The only evidence I can directly verify are my own and those of my co-workers. Everything else is, obviously, hearsay. The experiences that I *can* verify, however, seem to lend credence to at least some of that hearsay.

  19. Itazura says:

    But you haven’t verified anything. You’re answer was they don’t keep records past 6 months, which is not true. They have to keep records of disciplinary actions forever in case someone decides to sue them for having their account permanently banned.

    It sounds to me like you tried pulling some “I’m a journalist” card and they clammed up because they have to refer you to their PR dept when you do that.

    Ask them in Live Chat. Those are the Lindens who also work abuse reports (just not at the same time). Say you have just gone through all your email and just want to confirm if your account Tateru Nino has ever been officially warned or suspended. That’s all.

    Why is that so hard to do? Is there some reason you don’t want to do that? Perhaps your afraid they will tell you you haven’t. Which would really put a dampener on being able to say you were suspended for no reason and never notified.

  20. radar says:

    Oh, well. Sorry it got out of hand here, Dedric. I just get tired of people making up stuff that suits a “LL is out to get us” POV. But it really wasn’t fair to you for me to use your blog to argue with people over the internet.

    My thoughts on this here:

  21. Lewis Moten says:

    I just woke up and was shocked to see 40 comments on one of my posts. Usually I only have 3 or 4 at most. It’s interesting to see a discussion form, but a few comments have started to get out of hand or out rite childish.

    I have a pretty high respect for Tateru Nino and felt that she has been attacked through these comments on perceptions that I have heard from others in the past. To attack her and say that she is lying about her own experiences, has not verified information, or did not go through proper procedures is a bit appalling to me.

    Some opinions on this comment trail may be either true or false. I don’t know – but I would liked to have read a rational discussion rather than to see it turn into what appears to be a verbal fight between adolescents inducing drama.

    Regarding the suspension/warning, I just checked my trouble ticket and found that it has been resolved. A correction was made and this recent “suspension warning” will not count against me.

    For the reasons above, I’ve decided to close off any further comments to this post. I was going to create a new post stating that this issue has been resolved, but I am uncertain to the additional drama it would attract in the comments.

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