Harassment and Insults from friendly neighbors

I got a message from David Bloom in an adjacent sim today regarding one of my test locations. The individual asked me to move my location so it wasn’t in their view from their own skybox. I thought the request was a little out there when I got it 2 months ago, but I moved and they said it was ok. To have them ask the same request again made me feel as if I was being harassed. They also mentioned that I was rezzing objects. Um, no – the structures been here for two months now and I’ve got the proof on a few blogs and sites. To add insult to the situation, they asked to speak with an adult that was guiding me. Why are they assuming that I am a child? Then they took pictures of thier view.

My response:

David, you or one of your associates already contacted me when I first acquired th land about two months ago. I had moved the building lower and the response was a positive confirmation with thanks. I have not moved the building since that time. It is your turn to move. If you no longer like the view from where your buildings are at, then please move your tenants higher, lower, or out of the region. If you need more control over your neighbors, I suggest that you look into acquiring a private region. A little respect for your fellow neighbors would be desirable.

Anyway, there is further thought on this. Specifically, the sky in general is used as a way to put “junk” in the sky so it doesn’t ruin the look of the land. That’s why I put my building in the sky. In fact, the term “Sky Box” is mainly used because people first started putting boxes in the sky. No fancy looks or anything like that. I had the decency to make my building look a bit functional rather than just a box.

If their tenants are that concerned about the view from their skybox, they could easily set the display down to 64 meters. What really irks me is that I’m not in front of their box. They would have to look to the right at a distance.
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5 Responses to Harassment and Insults from friendly neighbors

  1. radar says:

    I feel horrible for them. I’ll be happy to mention them by name on my podcast, if it will help. I can’t guarantee they’ll like what I say, but hey. I have a cold and I’m always perpetually pissed off when I’m sick.

    • Lewis Moten says:

      I’m just royally upset, insulted, and angered by this person. Why would you ask someone to do something, agree that the solution is valid, and then turn around and ask to have the same thing done again. I was more or less doing them a favor back then.

      They sent two IM’s to me. The second was full of the insults. They worded it so that they could say, “oh I didn’t mean that”. The way that it was written really has me wondering what their educational background is. I wonder if they are old enough to be on the grid. You may want to hold off on the podcast, as it’s not your battle.

  2. radar says:

    I was just kidding about the podcast, but honestly, I’m not surprised at anything I see regarding neighbors on the grid anymore. There’s some royal bungholes out there. It’s why I’ve chosen to not use mainland except for a few exceptions where I had a good situation.

    Don’t take it personally, although it’s hard not to. It’s not your fault. I don’t think anyone who knows you thinks that you’d be unreasonable. Someone has a chip on their shoulder. It’s unfortunate and sad that you have to deal with it, but it’s definitely not something that you brought upon yourself, Dedric.

    Hope things work out better.

  3. Confused… Got this message in my email today:

    You have received a message from Second Life:
    Your object ‘Object’ has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Governor Linden from parcel ’16-Oct-2009 – Abandoned Land ZINDRA’ at Hilbert 183, 140 due to parcel auto return.

    Ok, I don’t have land in ZINDA and it’s not abandoned. apprently skybox was returned.

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