White Marsh

My mother in-law mentioned that Crap Mariner had an opening on nowhereville. After speaking with the community, Crap agreed that I could move on in. I’m going to use this place as an actual residence rather than a place to experiment. I constructed my old house that I grew up in as a child in White Marsh, MD. At the time, I lived accross from a car dealership. Nowhereville appears to be a better location. I can still remember watching the snow fall as I watched it being lit up from the dealerships lights.
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2 Responses to White Marsh

  1. beladona says:

    Dedric — I grew up in Oak Grove! I know Smiths and went to Victory Villa Elementary and Middle River JR High…

  2. I went to a few elementary schools. White Oak, Chapel Hill, Hardford Hills, and Gunpowder. I believe there was another one, but I can’t remember its name. I went to Perry Hall middle school. I do remember hearing of Middle River quite often when listening for snow days.

    Oak Grove sounds familiar, but never heard of Victory Villa.

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