Hooking into events

jQuery continues to impress me a bit more with each step that I get past. I am learning a ton of information in how to use the library. Each time that the data grid populates with data, I am now able to bind into specific elements based on the class name. The links to “Ping” and “Report” are tied into ajax queries so that the end-user remains on the current page while a request is made to the server to execute the logic behind these commands. It then gets a response asynchronously and updates the grid with the results. The functionality of the grid is almost completed for the inventory servers themselves. I wish I could intereact with urls on a prim.
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3 Responses to Hooking into events

  1. Very cool. What is your server code written in?

  2. I’m writing it in PHP and MySQL. It would probably be easier to do it in C# and MS SQL, but I’m trying to learn a few things while keeping potential costs down when I go live.

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