Lightweight Vendors

I usually come up with some interesting ideas when I go take a walk, or get a good nights sleep. The latest idea was how to improve the vendor experience. Most networked vendors are loaded with lots of scripts and prims. Using touch-based mapping, and the 5-faced prim that I use for my letter positioning, I can essentially create a vendor that has 10 preview panels, paging, and a main product presentation with 3 prims and 1 script. I’ve made a mockup and it looks like it can be done. I’ll need to get a rudamentary web interface working first assign images, note cards, and prices to items.
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2 Responses to Lightweight Vendors

  1. Rika Watanabe made a vendor a while ago that allows for 16 products (limit due to legibility) on a single prim. She used it for her “Rezday Device” you can see in her shop.

  2. I can only imagine that happening with a texture that displays multiple products on a single face. The number of available faces is very limited.

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