Better than XY – Letter Positioning

In my earliest days entering the world of Second Life, I created a script that would allow me to display dynamic text. I was able to create a script that would display 10 letters per prim. Later, I found out about something called XYText that did something similar. I stuck with my own scripts for years. I finally released the script (Letter Positioning) two years ago as a new years gift to the community. I was talking with CodeBastard Redgrave and dug up the original program I used to create the images and sent it her way as well. With the font builder, you have the capability to support just about any characterset (Japanese, Chinease, etc.) along with the style and size. The LSL is compressed and light-weight compared to XYText.

I’ve used the Letter Positioning script in many of my past products, and continue to use it today. It’s been by far the most useful script for me that I have made. Here are some of the products that I made using the letter positioning script.

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