Calendar Cog(s)

I keep hearing a lot about the CalendarCog. It’s mostly good news that a few people can’t stop talking about how great they are. I decided to jump on down to pick up a copy to check it out. I arrived and found many different variations of it. I don’t know which one I need to get it to start working. There is a Kiosk, HUD, Board, SuperBoard, and a Business Package. Not sure if they all work on their own, or if there is an initial package I need that is the CalendarCog itself. I’m about to head off to sleep, so I’ll just take a guess and go with … Kiosk?
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2 Responses to Calendar Cog(s)

  1. radar says:

    Hey, Dedric. If you just want an event board, just get the big calendar board. You don’t really need the HUD. I’m not sure what the business package is.

    They do have a pretty good site at

  2. I think part of the problem was a bug that Codie ironed out today. None of the items on display were showing events at the time.

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