TinyPaste API via LSL

Many scripters have had the problem of running out of memory to store information, or losing the information when a script resets. Ways around this include adding threaded scripts, using note cards, using the description field, or adding a back-end service such as a database. I happened to come across TinyPaste.com in which you can paste text from your clipboard, save it, and hand the link out to your friends. Amazingly enough, it has an API. Using a bit of my LSL scripting skills, I was able to create a script that makes use of this API. Have a look at the code: http://tinypaste.com/70c90ce.
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2 Responses to TinyPaste API via LSL

  1. radar says:


    What’s the persistence on these like? Do they dump them after a week/month/year? I couldn’t find anything that said how long they’d keep a “paste”.

  2. From what I saw on the terms of service, they say to expect them to live on forever. However, I have no clue as to if they are ever purged.

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