Piano Key Sculpty

Radar Masukami offers some help making sculpted piano keys with lips. An optimal solution would be to make a full set of 88 keys to reduce prim count. Due to the level of detail, we’ll probably be limited to one octive per sculpty. However, sculpties seem to be the way to go to get realism for little prim investment. I wonder how long it will be before SL fully supports mesh objects.
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4 Responses to Piano Key Sculpty

  1. I have found that proper shading can compensate for a lot of missing geometry. Subtly applied shadows help where additional prims would be necessary. I also think that getting the surface region touch position on a sculpt might be a nightmare…

    Adding proper bumpmap support would also be something that would add the effect of additional geometry without the need of using sculpts. Alas, SL does not support uploadable bumpmaps 😦

  2. radar says:

    That’s a good point on the touch position problem.

  3. radar says:

    Actually the answer to the touch thing is pretty simple. Just lay a transparent prim on top of the keys and have it handle the touch event. It’s the same as what he’s doing now, except his one main prim with the keyboard on it is the touch surface.

  4. No need. It’s pretty simple to map touch mapping. You click boundaries to identify the regions. It’s similar to making an image map.

    Also, you can use the texture of the black and white keys that you would apply to the sculpty and put it on a flat cube instead. Click and get the mapping that way as well.

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