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After posting information about the MystiTool and Multi Gadget, I got a response from Timeless Prototype stating that a Mono version is in the works due out later this year or early next year due to Mono issues. Radar Masukami handed me a free radar hud that he had made. I checked it out and it took only 0.008 to 0.010 ms. I’ve seen it jump up to 0.040 for a brief moment once. I started sending him messages about what appeared to be a glitch. Then I noticed that it was open source. I fixed the bug, set the range lower, and delayed the sensor from 1 second to 15. Radar gives credit to original scripters (Sable Till, Water Rogers, Argent Stonecutter, Christopher Omega and Sapphire Bombay).
posted by Dedric Mauriac on Woodbridge using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

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  1. radar says:

    BTW, what was that bug fix? I had never seen that issue myself yet…

  2. radar says:

    Also, it looks huge there, but the whole thing is fully copy/mod/transfer. The avatar image can be clicked on to stop animations. But yeah, it can definitely be made smaller. I made it peering through a 24″ LCD at 1920 x 1200, so there you go.

  3. Lewis Moten says:

    There were some people in the adjacent sim, about 325 meters below me. The HUD kept showing names for people 355 meters away, and then said no one was around. I’m thinking that Linden Lab has a bug in the LSL scripting language. The max range should be 96 meters. It’s as if people were both detected and not detected. My fix was to check if people were within the max range before appending them to the message displayed with the hover text. I kept count so if no one was found, it would show the default message saying no one is around.

    I actually rezed the prim in-world and got my camera pretty close to it so that people could see it better in the snapshot. If you look close (the bottom), you can see that the prim is actually at an angle with perspective rather than being a hud attachment.

  4. radar says:

    Ah, that makes total sense (on both items).

    Thanks for the bug fix. Yes, I read somewhere that sometimes sensors will exceed their normal max range of 96m. I don’t know why, but it’s not due to the scripts, as far as the people commenting on it could tell. Therefore yeah, there’s something up with sensors, I think.

    Thanks for the info! Good to know.

  5. I’ll shoot you a copy when I get home tonight. Although the fix probably isn’t optimal as I took out a few things, but you’ll be able to see what I did.

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