MystiTool Performance

After my previous post regarding the performance of Multi Gadget, Sphynx Soleil reminded me of the MystiTool and suggested that it performed better. I checked it out and found that it took between 0.096 and 0.109 (Multigadget was about 0.148). It too offered a suspend utility called the MystiTool Sleeper. I saw that it too decreased down to about 0.072 (Multigadget was 0.049 with the blocker). So, in simple terms, MystiTool takes less resources when running at regular mode. However, with both the MystiTool and Multi Gadget are in suspend/sleeper modes, Multi Gadget saves more resources. Multi Gadget can be forced to suspend with a blocker. MystiTool asks, but does not enforce sleep mode.
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