Voices, Bots, and Serving Http

Ice Brodie dropped on by hoping to find an update to my synthesized voice box. I upgraded her from 1.4 to 1.6. We got to talking about ai and an chatbot based on a Markov chain. We then got to talking about our own little projects making use of the new HTTP server functionality. One of the problems that I have is with expiring URL’s. The only way of detecting them seemed to be to keep checking how many URL’s are free. This can still be misleading, but then Ice Brodie recommended for the script to contact it’s own URL to verify that it still worked. Amazing Suggestion!
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2 Responses to Voices, Bots, and Serving Http

  1. Radar says:

    The best solutions are the simple ones

  2. Yep. I believe this is the KISS approach. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

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