I will not fix your computer

If you have computer problems, can’t get an application to work over the internet, or you are plagued by viruses, cross out my name and look for the next person to take advantage of.

2 Responses to I will not fix your computer

  1. I feel your pain. I recently fixed phone/net at a friend’s (in exchange for labour he did for us), and was careless enough to look into a (trivial) Windows problem of his housemate. Since then I seem to be the personal service desk for the housemate.

    There’s even t-shirts at ThinkGeek with “No, I won’t fix your PC” on them.

  2. Lewis Moten says:

    Every weekend seems to be me repairing something. I tried to repair one thing for someone, and ended up having one of my own servers decommissioned from swapping parts. Another person wanted me to help troubleshoot second life connection problems. I just lost the majority of my weekend to diagnostics, and haven’t accomplished any results.

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