Weekly Challenge #178 – PIRATES!

I finished my entry for the 100 word stories podcast weekly challenge this week. You have until Friday if you would also like to submit an entry. This week, the podcast has been taken over by pirates! If you are wondering why, it is because when the entries come out this Saturday (September 19) it will be International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Making Pirate Ships

Making Pirate Ships

I had to do a bit of homework trying to learn how to talk like a pirate. Just by coincidence, I had just played through The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition on my XBox 360 this past weekend. I hadn’t played that since the EGA version on my IBM PS/1 back in the early 90’s and often daydreamed about playing the VGA version. I remembered the silly stump joke in the original game and wondered about the forest in the special edition hunting for it. I gave up and later found that they removed that from later versions of the game. I still remember calling tech support for those missing floppies to the catacombs. However, I did get disk 5 for the roland sound drivers.

Anyhow, here is my entry.

A ship over the helm bin spyed flying the queens flag.
The cap’n bin orderin I an’ me harties to board the ship.
I bin plunderin the seven seas all me life.
Never did I see a dog be small fer the number o sharp-tongued wenches aboard.
A boxom wench twice shivered me timbers before days end.
Harr, the treasures bin good to me and me mates.
Me harties bin looting the cargo of sugar and spices.
Jim Lad pried one open.
A large chest with no booty.
Tis no one wanted fer tem selves but the capn’s squire.

Download MP3: Lewis Moten – 100 word stories 178 – PIRATES!

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